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LifeStyle™ Dining Room and Pots & Pans Set

Quality and durability make this kitchen set a best seller! Made in USA.

  • 22 piece set includes 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 tumblers, a pitcher, pouring pot, fry pan, boiling pot, and two lids
  • Kitchen and eating utensils as shown
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Food sold separately
  • Add the Step2 Play Food Assortment to enhance playtime in the kitchen!
Recommended Age: 2 and up
Product Number: 700399
Weight: 2.00 lbs
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Made in USA 3 Year Warranty
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LifeStyle™ Dining Room and Pots & Pans Set
Already Asked: 4 Questions, 103 Answers
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Linda G: Someone gave me their old kitchen, but had no dishes, so I bought them. Good price! Aug 14, 2014
patricia b: grandchild has a play kitchen Aug 11, 2014
Theresa M B: to go with the kitchen set Aug 4, 2014
Douglas P: The frying pan was broken in the original set we bought. Aug 3, 2014
Diana K: For replacement of the previous dishes. Jul 31, 2014
Christine D: For playhouse for grandkids when they come over. Jul 6, 2014
Linda S: They were lost and needed to be replaced Jul 3, 2014
Chris M: to go with the kitchen set Jul 2, 2014
Christina B: To replace the set that came with the Lifestyle deluxe kitchen for our church nursery. The kitchen is in great shape after a number of years but the dishes, etc were missing Jun 27, 2014
Irene J: Bought a used step 2 kitchen without accessories. Jun 18, 2014
Teresa W: I am purchasing a kitchen from someone that doesnt have all these pieces. Jun 18, 2014
nancy h: bought the playset at a yard sale without the cooking set and was glad that i was able toget it Jun 8, 2014
Raye L: I bought a used Step 2 kitchen for my daughter. This is one of the parts it was missing. So glad we can get the missing parts or broken parts for any of the Step 2 products. May 16, 2014
Kelley D: I purchased my daughter the Lifestyle Deluxe kitchen second hand. I contacted Step2 and ordered replacement stickers and while browsing the site, I learned that this set goes with the kitchen I already bought and would activate features that I didn't even know it had! So excited for my daughter to play with this now knowing it will be interactive. May 14, 2014
Dawn G: needed it for the step 2 kitchen May 4, 2014
Denise H: Needed replacements for a used kitchen play set. This product had good reviews. Apr 28, 2014
Kristin K: I bought the kitchen and needed the items. Apr 16, 2014
Ricardo I E: I purchased a used play kitchen that required all the kitchen utensils. Apr 15, 2014
Jimmy G: My wife bought the kitchen-stove at a church consignment sale and it did not have the pot and pan with sound activating rings. A must have for our Grand-daughter. Mar 31, 2014
Diane G: I received a Step 2 Deluxe Kitchen that did not come with any accessories. I needed the pots and pans for the electronic stove to work, and wanted the rest for my granddaughter to have to play with. Mar 26, 2014
Barbara M: my other grandkids broke the frying pan and lost a few other pieces, now that is goes to another grandchild I wanted to complete the set again Mar 13, 2014
Dolores M: To replace play dishes for an existing kitchen set in a church centered nursery/playroom. Mar 11, 2014
Jennifer M: Needed replacement pieces since we've lost some, or broken some, over the years. Love the kitchen, though, and want to keep playing with it with the new items we ordered. Thank you. Feb 21, 2014
Lori F: Received the kitchen set from a friend and was missing some of the pieces. Feb 20, 2014
Nikki L: I have a step 2 kitchen and need accessories. Jan 24, 2014
Nancy H: replacement utensils dog chewed Jan 22, 2014
kristi v: I have a step 2 kitchen in my daycare and the kids love these pots and pans! Jan 15, 2014
Peggy E: I bought the kitchen and it didn't have the pots and pans that went with it. Jan 11, 2014
Diane J: Purchased as a gift to go with the kitchen we purchased. The dining ware did was not included with the original purchase. Jan 5, 2014
Melinda V: My friend gifted my daughter a step two kitchen with some of the accessories inducing a pot and coffee pot. My daughter loves the sound effects so I thought I'd purchase this set to expand her fun Jan 4, 2014
Paula R: Grandkids have Step 2 playhouse and would like to "cook" in their house. We love Step 2 products! Dec 18, 2013
John V: These items will work well with our kitchen based upon the question/answer forum. Sounds like they are exactly what is needed. Dec 15, 2013
BRIDGET A: It's a Christmas gift. We already own a play kitchen. Dec 14, 2013
Denise M: We have the kitchen, but not the accessories. I am also looking for a phone and a coffee pot. Dec 12, 2013
Paige C: I needed a new dish set to go with the Step2 kitchen we have. I wanted the frying pan and pot to fit the burner properly so the burner would make the frying and boiling sounds. This set is very durable, but we have misplaced pieces after a move. Dec 11, 2013
mike M: because the pots and pans work with boil and fry sounds on the kitchen. really clever. Dec 7, 2013
ronn s: i bought the kitchen from a friend, and i needed the pots and pans, i also need the phone, and bins.:) but i will get everything slowly since the prices are kinda high, i havent found seperate bins yet, or the phone, but we LOVE this kitchen!!! its just amazing!! :) Dec 7, 2013
mary k: bought used kitchen and needed pots & pans for it... Dec 7, 2013
Lourdes I I: Low price and color scheme Dec 4, 2013
Ann G: I have the Step 2 kitchen for my granddaughter, need the set to go with it. I do like Step 2 products. Dec 4, 2013
Anne D: I am missing a lid and have a cracked pot with my set. so I wanted to get a new one Dec 3, 2013
Deborah J: Replacements Dec 2, 2013
Jeffrey K: Christmas gift for a 3-year-old Dec 1, 2013
Lynne L: same as above Dec 1, 2013
Jamie M: I bought this set to go with the Step 2 Grand kitchen we have for our son. I'm sure he will love having pots that make the boiling and sizzling sounds work! Dec 1, 2013
Anne M: Kitchen I bought only came with a place setting for 2 and I wanted my daughter to have at least 4. Plus, it had a few extra pieces that didn't come with the kitchen set. Dec 1, 2013
Valerie D: Made in the USA so there is no lead or toxic chemicals like you would get from toys made in China. Thank you! Nov 30, 2013
Amanda C: to go with play kitchen Nov 30, 2013
Lori P: I bought one at a yard sale and it did not come with the pots that make the noise Nov 29, 2013
Rebecca S: I'm giving my niece my boys kitchen set, and needed the pots & pans to go with it. She's gonna love it!!!! Nov 29, 2013
Heather L: replacement parts Nov 29, 2013
Laura V: To go with a deluxe step 2 kitchen purchased in craigslist for a Christmas present that didn't have the original pots/dishes Nov 28, 2013
Sterlin P: To have extra parts Nov 27, 2013
Frank G: We purchased a Step 2 play kitchen off of Craigslist that has no accessories with it. Nov 25, 2013
Deborah W: To go with the kitchen set Nov 22, 2013
Sarah N: Bought the kitchen used and did not have the pots and pans to go with it Nov 22, 2013
Ann G: Chosen as a replacement set for a Step 2 kitchen purchased a couple of years ago. Nov 19, 2013
Joanne M: We lost pieces Nov 18, 2013
Jill F: Good set to go with the Step 2 kitchen. Nov 17, 2013
Betty L: These items have previously been scattered to the four winds. So glad they are still available to purchase so that the kitchen set can be enjoyed as intended again! Nov 16, 2013
Amy S: Because it has both dishes and pots and pans. And it doesn't have too many pieces. Nov 16, 2013
Linda D: compliments the step 2 play kitchen that I bought for my granddaughter's Christmas gift. Nov 9, 2013
Nancy S: to go along with the kitchen Nov 3, 2013
Claudia W: I wanted made in U.S.A. Oct 31, 2013
Nancy M: needed replacement boiling pans Oct 24, 2013
Linda R: Just in case the kitchen didn't come with this stuff, also thought it would be good to have extras. Oct 17, 2013
Reina G: I bought these dishes to go along with the grand walk in kitchen we purchased. Step2 makes quality toys made to endure years of hard play. Oct 12, 2013
Wendy L: Needed additional pieces for my Step 2 Kitchen Sep 30, 2013
Stephanie C: Is what the child wanted Sep 23, 2013
Cory E: We bought a kitchen on craigslist and it was missing the parts Sep 17, 2013
Adam S: Bought the unit used and needed dishes and pot/pans. Sep 8, 2013
Kathleen G: I needed more items for the kitchen. Aug 29, 2013
Lynn A: Cooking utensils that are not pink! Very hard to find. My grandson loves his kitchen but it is so difficult to find neutral color accessories. Aug 28, 2013
Marcio S: for complement Aug 25, 2013
Kelsie B: Love all step2 products! In home Childcare 23 yrs!! They never wear out!!! Aug 21, 2013
Monica C: We're missing the pot and skillet for the step 2 grand walk-in kitchen. Aug 20, 2013
Shu yun H: Very good texture Aug 9, 2013
jeanette m: i know theyll hold up Jul 29, 2013
Kristin B: Have a lifestyles kitchen for my son but no accessories. Jul 21, 2013
Jen S: We had a kitchen given to us but it did not come with all the extra fun stuff! Jul 18, 2013
Shannon E: We bought a used Step 2 kitchen and did not have the pots that fit on the burner to make the sounds. Plus, we have no utensils as we have lost them over the years from our previous kitchens. Jul 6, 2013
Amy M: Purchased a Step2 kitchen used and it was missing these items. Jun 15, 2013
Michelle H: we wanted to get a second set so that our child can serve the whole family dinner without being frustrated there aren't enough dishes and utensils. such a cute set and I'm glad it's sold to add to what we already have. Jun 5, 2013
Charlotte F: The only set I could find, I bought a use Custom Kitchen 7372. With no accessories. I wish it had the phone to go with it May 30, 2013
Emily K: For my son to play with instead of my real stuff! May 24, 2013
Jan D: Birthday 05/25/2013 May 17, 2013
Angelic C: Bought the kitchen used and it didnt come with the pots and pans needed to make the noises May 12, 2013
Dusty L: lost our set May 11, 2013
Laura P: I already have the kitchen and it did not come with all the plates it needs so I oreder some more. May 6, 2013
heather b: I purchased this after I purchased a Step 2 Lifestyle Kitchen from someone and realized that none of the dishes came with. I'm hoping the pots and pans work with the kitchen to make it sound like it is cooking. May 6, 2013
Barbara M: It matched the Step 2 kitchen and looks like fun! Apr 6, 2013
Nicol S: Bought a used kitchen that did not have the accessories with it. Mar 30, 2013
Samantha H asked: Will this pot and pan make the burner work on the lifesyles dream kitchen? Sep 2, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Heather T: Yes! The extra pot and pan will allow the burners to make their appropriate sounds. I purchased the kitchen and extra accessories for my daughter in 2011. This set is a great addition! Sep 3, 2013
Reply to Heather Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Step2Staff: Yes, the pot and pan in this play kitchen accessory set will work with the burners on the LifeStyle Dream Kitchen. Sep 3, 2013
Reply to Step2 Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
debra k: Yes, the pot and pan have the slots on the bottom so the burners will work. Sep 3, 2013
Reply to debra Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Gammie: Hi, Do these pots & pans work on the Grand walk-in kitchen? Gammie Oct 26, 2013
Reply to Gammie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Karen R: Yes it should make the boiling And sizzling sounds. Sep 3, 2013
Reply to Karen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
debbie b: Yes It works with my Grandchildrens Sep 3, 2013
Reply to debbie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Andrea W: Yes. It does. Sep 3, 2013
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A shopper asked: will the pot and pans make the sounds with any step2 kitchen? Nov 6, 2013
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Nicole V: I am not sure. My kitchen is 3 yrs old and they worked with it. Step 2 is pretty good about making everything compatible. Nov 7, 2013
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Misty S: I'm pretty certain they do. I think the burners are standard. At least our set worked in three different kitchens. Nov 7, 2013
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Step2Staff: These pots and pans will work with any Step2 play kitchen noted with the "electronic stove top" feature. Nov 7, 2013
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A shopper asked: What size are the plates diameter? Aug 31, 2013
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Step2Staff: These play plates are 5.5" in diameter. Sep 3, 2013
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