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Top selling Products from Step2® Top Selling Toys

As much as we love everything we sell at, there are some items that hit the perfect blend of features, design, and price and become instant customer favorites. Here's a list of some of the top-selling toys available at

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Fresh Market Kitchen™
4.3 stars (227) 4.3 stars
Neighborhood Fun Center
4.5 stars (157) 4.5 stars
Extreme Coaster™
4.8 stars (763) 4.8 stars
$269.99 $249.99
Clubhouse Climber
4.3 stars (761) 4.3 stars
$629.99 $599.99
LifeStyle™ Grand Walk-In Kitchen
4.6 stars (1230) 4.6 stars
LifeStyle™ Deluxe Kitchen
4.5 stars (1157) 4.5 stars
$239.99 $219.99
Play Up Picnic Cottage™
4.5 stars (4) 4.5 stars
Play Up Gym Set™
4.4 stars (79) 4.4 stars
Great Outdoors Playhouse™
4.3 stars (3) 4.3 stars
Sweetheart Playhouse™
4.7 stars (41) 4.7 stars
Skyward Summit
4.5 stars (168) 4.5 stars
Gather & Grille Playhouse™
4.6 stars (26) 4.6 stars
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