What is the best way to clean my Step2 products?

Step2 recommends general cleaning & wiping with 50/50 solution of vinegar & warm water.

In some cases, baking soda and mild dish soap with warm water can be used as a subsituate.

In all cases be sure to dry product surface afterwards to prevent moisture/water from being trapped on/within the product.

Use a soft brush to help clean porous surface areas.

Please note that while external/internal surface contamination is not covered under the Step2 warranty, here are a few tips to prevent and resolve this issue:

Any Step2 item stored outside or exposed to weather conditions may require cleaning and general maintenance. Ride-ons, wagons and any other products which are able to be moved, are encouraged to not be stored outside, other items are encouraged to be protected from the possibility of water/moisture developing in/on the product, and may require general, periodic cleaning.