How can I remove mold/mildew/odors from my product?

There are various products available to remove mold/mildew/odors which may develop in/on your Step2 product. Please note that while mold/mildew/odors are not covered under the Step2 warranty, here are a few tips to prevent and resolve this issue.

You will enjoy many years of use with proper maintenance that includes wiping the product clean with warm, soapy water or a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, completely drying afterwards to prevent moisture/water from being trapped within the product.

Any Step2 item stored outside or exposed to weather conditions may require cleaning and general maintenance. Ride-ons, wagons and any other products which are able to be moved, we encourage you to store inside or under shelter. Other items are encouraged to be protected from the possibility of water/moisture developing in/on the product, and may require general, periodic cleaning.