Why don't you have predrilled holes in your products?

In order to minimize risks of small parts posed by drill shavings, the metal screws provided are self-tapping. Please note the pointed metal screws provided will pierce the pliable plastic and form their own threads into product.

In addition, during our manufacturing process, the plastic parts are processed warm. Our manufacturing process does not allow us to consistently place pre-drilled holes for self tapping screws due to the shrinkage that occurs after parts cool down. This will result in hole misalignment of parts intended to matched during assembly process.

We instead provide location points for screws as shown in the product instructions. When downward pressure or force is applied onto screw with screwdriver, the screw will drive into the plastic and create a hole. This would be the same or true of driving screws into a wood board without a hole. If needed or preferred, you can use a small nail with a hammer and pound a nail into plastic a bit to create a starter hole and then take out install screw. A power screwdriver or rechargeable drill can also be used to aid installing screws but we do not always recommend as driving screws in too far can strip out the plastic and cause other damage.