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Play On Words


This classic Step2 Wagon has many fun and practical uses! Parents will love pulling their children around the block with this durable red wagon. It can also haul mulch around the yard during...

PAL Award


Have a make-believe backyard cookout with the Step2 Outdoor Grill. Mini chefs will enjoy grilling burgers and hot dogs on this realistic grill for kids. It enhances imaginative play as tots pretend...

PAL Award


This Step2 Playhouse provides kids with hours of imaginative backyard play fun! This playhouse includes a mail slot, paddle wheel, working water pump, bucket and planting station with a flower pot...

PAL Award


This Step2 Climber & Slide provides an outdoor challenge for tots and preschoolers! This backyard play set will enhance little adventurers balance and coordination as they crawl, climb, slide and...

PAL Award