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A new special offer. Ah yes.

Well, I suppose that since I told you we’d be advertising specials on this blog, I’d better hold faithful to that promise. Here’s your first update:

We’ve temporarily dropped the price on the Timberlast Swingset by $100, down to $499.99. This is an incredibly sturdy swingset without the maintenance, warping, or splintering of traditional wood sets. I’m not sure how long this one will last, but I do know that prices this good just don’t come around every day.

The real sale, though, is on the Adventure Lodge and Swingset. You can save a cool $100 bucks when you buy this great new double-storied playhouse. If I were about 20 years younger, you can bet I’d have this one on my short list of “necessary” toys. (I just wouldn’t fit inside anymore!) I do know when this price will end–if you don’t buy it by August 8, 2006, you’ll find yourself paying $999.99 for it. Still a great value, but not as great as $899.99.

So there you are. Enjoy.

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