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A Time to be Thankful


There are so many days throughout the year to celebrate: Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, Go Cook for Your Pet Day, Be Late for Something Day. I am still trying to figure out National Ball Point Pen Day…

Although we should celebrate it every day, there is a special time each year set aside to simply be “thankful”.

This time of year provides wonderful moments to teach children about community, compassion, gratitude and sharing. So much more than just food, parades and days off school, it’s an opportune time to talk about family traditions, people who have meant so much to one another and those we miss but have not forgotten. Additionally, it’s a time for opening hearts a little more to share thanks for who we are surrounded by, everything we are so fortunate to have and all that we’ve become. As adults, we may very well be reminded that our children’s reasons for being thankful are simple and heartfelt.

All of us at Step2 are so very thankful for the customers we speak with throughout the year, it’s our way of celebrating children who enjoy our products. Our customers, staff and friends have been very gracious to share how they creatively enjoy Thanksgiving with their children.

Here are a few ideas, we’d love to hear yours!

1. It’s a great time to share a Thanksgiving themed book, educational story or article with children. Use the opportunity to discuss similarities between people and the importance of treating everyone with respect.

2. Pretend to travel back to the year 1621, and talk about life and culture, or teach children about the Mayflower. They will gain an appreciation for daily life years ago by comparing how they live, play, their schools and responsibilities.

3. Plan games that include poems, music and read alongs. Play trivia with fun Thanksgiving facts or create flash cards with historical information or seasonal foods.

4. Create fun Thanksgiving word puzzles and activity sheets.

5. Make crafts that teach gratitude. Paper Chains looped together, identifying each link with something written to be thankful for, or a turkey drawing with feathers, writing responses of what each are thankful for on a feather.

6. Encourage children to decorate the Thanksgiving table centerpieces, or create fun place settings with what was learned.

We generally associate Thanksgiving as a holiday surrounded by loved ones sharing a meal and giving thanks for one another. What a wonderful time to slow down for a few moments as the holiday season begins, to share the history, customs and family traditions with children.

At the end of the day let’s hope children take our lead, and carry on the simple tradition of being thankful for us.

My name is Adam, I am a father and proud to represent the Step2 Consumer Service Department. These are the two little ones I will forever be thankful for…


From our table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving from Step2!

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