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Bake Up Some Memories this Holiday

Bake Up Some Memories this Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Sweaters, scarves, and jackets have made their seasonal appearance, warm mugs of hot cocoa top off chilly winter evenings, and twinkling string lights bring cheer to all.

Families of all shapes and sizes are gathering, sharing, making memories, and last but not least, baking sweet treats all season long! With the stress and expectations of the holiday cooking, hosting, and clean-up, it’s easy to leave it to the adults to check tasks off the to-do list. This year, plan a little more time to slow down and involve the kids. It’s no secret that holiday baking is full of special memories and sweet moments to cherish.

Read on for kid-friendly ways to involve little ones in the baking fun, plus some tips to bring the holiday magic to life with your kids… with a lot less mess.

Shape Maker

Cookie cutter shapes, batter spoonfuls on a cookie sheet, or simple rolled balls are all great ways to get your kids involved! They’ll practice patience as they wait for the dough to be mixed and prepped, and hand-eye coordination as they roll dough with their hands or grip a cookie cutter.

Recipe Idea: Peanut Butter Blossoms are a classic holiday cookie with kid-friendly tasks. Little ones can help roll the dough balls and even unwrap the Hershey Kisses!

Sprinkles Galore

Decorating cookies is fun at any age! Kids will have a blast customizing their cookies with different colored frostings and tons of sprinkle varieties. From festive nonpareils to confetti style, sanding sugar and classic jimmies, let their creative mind go wild with cookie decorating.

Recipe Idea: Perfect for dressing up with icing and sprinkles, there’s so many ways to dress up simple sugar cookies.

Cookie Swap

Putting together assorted cookie trays for holiday parties? Let your little one help choose 1-3 cookie varieties that will go on the tray for their favorite teacher, a family member, or friend. They can even get creative and decorate the gift tags to tie onto each tray for some extra holiday cheer! Plus, making up cookie trays shows an example of sharing and the warm fuzzies that come along with making a great gift for someone special.

Count & Sort

Another way kids can help with holiday baking is to count and sort the finished cookies to pack up! Whether you’re making cookie trays or storing away in your kitchen, engage your child with statements like, “Put one snowman in each pile”, or “Count three trees to put in this bag”.

No Bakes

No bake cookies are easy and fun, plus they don’t require the hot oven! For little ones who aren’t old enough for traditional baking, whipping up a batch of mix-and-set cookies is a great way to include younger kids.

Timer Fun

In addition to prepping cookies to put in the oven, little ones can watch an analog clock as the treats bake. Introduce them to how the minute hand works and how long the baking will take; they’ll feel proud they’ve learned a new skill!

Baking Pro

If your child isn’t ready for real baking tasks, set them up with their very own pretend play kitchen to bake just like their adult role models! Budding pastry chefs will love the included cupcake accessories with select Step2 pretend play kitchens.

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Holiday Playtime

With our selection of seasonal toys, it’s easier than ever to get into the holiday spirit with kids! Tons of fun and virtually no mess await with these top Christmas toy picks by Step2.

The Step2.com exclusive Ultimate Christmas Bundle includes:

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