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5 Reasons to Start Holiday Shopping Early

Holiday Shopping

It may be 80-degrees outside, but many shoppers have already made holiday gift purchases for December! According to, who conducted a scientific poll last summer, 14% of consumers (about 32 million adults based on U.S. Census estimates) begin holiday shopping as early as July.

Is it really worth stock piling your basement or guest bedroom full of holiday gifts this early? Here are 5 reasons to start your holiday shopping now.

5 Reasons to Start Holiday Shopping Early

  1. You have more time to budget. By starting early, you can space out purchases rather than get hit with a huge bill in one month. You can also set aside funds each month specifically for holiday shopping, stretching your dollar further to find the best swing sets, water tables, plays kitchens and more!
  2. Black Friday deals are no longer reserved for one day a year. Just as other retailers, Step2 is running a Christmas in July sale this month for the early holiday shoppers. We’ve marked down prices on select items for up to 30% savings.
  3. There’s a better selection. If your little one asks Santa for a roller coaster, odds are you’ll have an easier time finding it if you start looking for it early. Plus, you’ll have more time to research the best price ensuring you get a deal!
  4. It reduces stress. Rushing around is no fun, especially with little ones tugging at your side (or throwing a tantrum in the shopping cart because you had to skip his nap to get your last minute shopping done). Yes, holiday shopping early can actually be enjoyable!
  5. It allows for more time with your family during the holidays. Christmas has become so much about gift giving, and less and less about the true meaning of the season. By crossing off your list early, you’ll have more time to make cookies with your mom and daughter and watch holiday movies snuggled by the fireplace.

These are just a few reasons to shop the best playhouses, best water tables and best swing sets for kids! Have one to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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