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Celebrating Grandparents Day: Q&A with the Grandparents of Step2

Grandparents Day is this Sunday, September 11. To celebrate, we asked moms and dads of Step2 employees about what it means to be a grandparent!Gigi and Myles

Tammie “GiGi” Moore & Mark “Poppy” Moore, Grandma and Grandpa to 5-year-old grandson, and mom and dad to Tena, Step2 VP of eCommerce and Digital Marketing

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard your grandson say?

We couldn’t find Myles. He was in my bathroom wrapping himself in toilet paper. I asked him what he was doing? He said, “trying to be the stay puff marshmallow man.”Stay Puffed

How do you celebrate Grandparents Day?

G&P: The one I remember most was the surprise visit from him on grandparents day.

What would be your ideal way to celebrate?

G&P: Just spending time with him& eating chicken nuggets & gummies.

How did you feel when you found out you were going to be a Grandma?

G&P: Poppy grinned from ear to ear & GiGi cried tears of joy.

What advice would you give new grandparents?

G&P: Never take being a grandparent for granted. Spend as much time with them as you possibly can.Spoil them. And always, always tell them how much you love them & lots of hugs & kisses!!!!!! My honey bunny sunshine is my world.

Grandparents Day Step2 Grandma

Barb E, Grandma to 2 toddlers, ages 2 and 4, and mom to Ashley, Step2 Digital Brand & Loyalty Manager

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard one of your grandchildren say?

BE: I cannot think of a specific funny incident, but I can think of a particularly heart warming and generous situation involving my granddaughter. Recently, she celebrated her 4th birthday with a “Frozen” themed party. There was an activity where it was suggested she go first being the birthday girl. She graciously let one of her friends go before her and then the next friend go before her and so on, until she was the very last one to participate in the activity. I was so touched by her kindness and unselfishness, especially being only four. It was a very proud moment.

What would be your ideal way to celebrate Grandparent’s Day?

BE: It’s always nice to spend time with the grandchildren, just being together enjoying them. A handmade item, a drawing, a card from the children is all we would need, something personal.

How did you feel when you found out you were going to be a Grandma?

BE: Thrilled and in disbelief. The notion of a new little human being coming into our family was overwhelming. Not every mother is privileged to become a grandmother. I am so blessed and grateful.

What advice would you give new grandparents?

BE: Grandparents can be a tremendous influence in a grandchild’s life. Love them unconditionally and set good examples by your actions and words. Children are watching and emulating you all the time. Also, remember you are the grandparent, not the parent. Respect your children’s requests and “rules” when it comes to your grandchildren. You will have more peace and harmony with the entire family.

Grandpa Grandparents Day

Bill H, Grandpa to 2 girls, ages 20 and 22, and dad to Michele, Step2 Business Development Associate

How do you celebrate Grandparents Day?

BH: Celebrating Grandparents day varied depending on the girl’s ages. It could be going out for ice cream, a hand-made card, or as they got older – a quick call to say I love you.

What would be your ideal way to celebrate?

BH: I would love to relive a day when the girls were little. Have them spend the night, play a game (Monopoly, played in teams was a favorite), followed by snacks and watch a favorite Disney movie (for the hundredth time).

What advice would you give new grandparents?

BH: Our time is truly the most precious gift you can give your grandchildren. Enjoy every stage. Talk to them. Share your history, and also listen to them and find out about their interests, friends, etc.

Happy Grandparents Day!

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