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DIY: Adorable Halloween Costumes

Still cannot figure out a costume for your kids this year? There are so many ideas out there! It is hard to choose from. Here at Step2, we searched and Pinterest and saw some adorable choices that you can create yourself!

Check out these creative and cute costumes:

Olympic Runner:

In spirit of the 2012 Olympics, why not remember it by dressing your child as a runner! This costume is great to invest in because many of the materials that will create it can be repurposed such as the tennis shoes and sweatbands.

Fierce Tiger:

Kids love transforming into their favorite jungle animals. Better yet, kids can even help create this costume by helping to glue and cut out the shapes for the stripes. Here are the instructions!

Chicken Little:

Cluck, cluck, chicken! The chicken costume will keep infants and toddlers very warm just in case it is chilly on Halloween! Click here to find out how to make this costume.

Cuddly Cowboy:

Get ready to pretend to be a part of the wild West, this little cuddly cowboy will make you say “YEEHAW!” Click here to find out how to make this costume.

Wild Kitty:

Do not let this furry kitty fool you, she is dangerous ;). This costume requires an animal print vest, hoodie, ears, tail, and maybe some eyeliner or other method to create whiskers.

Flower Pot Full of Posy:

Take a trip to the craft store to gather fake flowers and a plastic pot to create this flourishing posy.

Do you have any ideas for DIY costumes for the kids for Halloween? Have a safe & fun Halloween 🙂

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