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Getting the word out

Imagine with me for a minute: you’ve got a hot new product that makes people’s lives easier and costs about $20. Similar items are selling at $50-$70 each, and you just simply don’t know how to get people to learn about your product. How do you get the word out?

In 2006, you have a few options:
1. Spend lots of money on a TV ad for the item, and get a negative Return on your investment
2. Send out a bunch of SPAM and trash your company’s brand name
3. Do something viral. Make a catchy ditty or unique website and hope everyone on the web starts passing it around on their MySpace account, Blog, or forum

OK, you might have guessed that I’m dealing with this predicament right now. We’ve created this fabulous MailMinder that helps you fight identity theft (and avoid trips to an empty mailbox) by letting you know when your mail has arrived. It’s $20, so it’s perfect as a buy-it-for-yourself item, but affordable enough to give your parents as a gift.

If you had to make a video about one of these things, what would you do? Dress it up as King Arthur? Drop it off a building? Tie-dye it?

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