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Going It Alone...

Written by Sharon

Having been a single parent raising two sons, I beam with pride watching my oldest with his daughter. What a wonderful father he has become. As a teenager he would often complain that he had become too sensitive being raised solely by a woman. I would assure him that someday, someone would really appreciate that trait. Well, that time has come.

Sharon and sonsSingle parents often get a bad rep. I found a great article outlining some of the positive effects that I had found to be true despite the hardships that often exist:

Parents tend to develop strong bonds with their children that do not end when they turn 18 but continue to evolve into their adult years.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, “It takes a village to raise a child”. This is even more evident when extended families and friends step up to help out.

Shared responsibilities versus token chores to earn an allowance are a necessary contribution to the family. This in turn teaches children the value of their contribution and pride in their own work. I am reminded of a time when I went on a grocery shopping strike (they were both older and driving) because they didn’t like my idea of the three of us taking turns with this weekly task. They, being stubborn teenagers, held out until the cupboards were literally bare. Once they gave in they started to enjoy the task as they could pick up some of their favorite things.

Children learn to handle conflict and disappointments early in life. These can be valuable growth experiences resulting in them becoming more sensitive, empathetic and caring adults by helping them to express and deal with their emotions.

Children learn to balance their own needs and wants with those of the family. They receive the assurance that they are the parents priority however not treated as though they are the center of everyone’s universe. They learned early on that mom needed her alone time, even if it was to lock myself in the bathroom for a long bubble bath.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we hope. In my case, I became a single parent. I am proud to say that with a lot of hard work and perseverance I was able to raise my boys to be happy, healthy and responsible adults.

About Sharon

Sharon became a first time grandma in February of 2011 and had the pleasure of celebrating her granddaughter’s first birthday in San Francisco where she lives with her oldest son and his wife. Sharon welcomes the opportunity to spoil her granddaughter after having raised two boys. Sharon is an avid lover of the arts and has dabbled with oil painting and enjoys interior decorating as a hobby. She is the Customer Service Manager for Step2.

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