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How To Create A Fun Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids

indoor scavenger hunt for kids

If you have little ones, rainy days can be no fun. Instead of taking them to an indoor amusement park or the movie theater, consider doing something engaging right at home. Create a fun indoor scavenger hunt for kids that will keep them entertained for hours and give you some time to get things done around the house.

Here’s how to create a fun indoor scavenger hunt your young kids will love:

Step 1: Choose the items

Select a mixture of small objects, like a piece of candy (note: avoid small items if the child is under 3), and larger objects, like a stuffed animal, that you want to hide. The mix of big and little items will keep them excited and engaged throughout the scavenger hunt.

Step 2: Hide the objects

Make sure to get them engaged in some other activity so that they aren’t tempted to peek while you are putting things around. Hide enough objects that each child can find three to four items each. Too many items might become overwhelming and allow them to become distracted.

The key to hiding the prizes is to put them within reach and try to make it appropriate for their age and capability. If you make it too easy, then they are going to sail through it, and the activity will be over as soon as it began. If you make it too hard, they will get frustrated. Put things where they will likely look, but do try to make it a little more challenging than just placing items in plain sight.

Try to keep the items in a smaller space, so they aren’t tearing through the entire house. If you give them boundaries, it will still be difficult enough, but they won’t be wandering around the house aimlessly looking for things.

Step 3: Take photos of the objects

Use your smartphone to take pictures of the objects and then compile them into a printable mini-book. Once they find an item, they can tear the page from their list. For toddlers, include some of the surrounding hiding spot in the image to help them locate the item easier. Older kids should receive pictures just of the object.

Step 4: Explain the rules

Make sure to explain the rules carefully to children. Highlight the boundaries of the search, and tell children their only allowed to take their allotted number of items. If someone runs around finding everything and telling other children where they are, then it will lose some of the challenge and reward of finding things for everyone.

Step 5: Hand out the list, and set them free to explore

Once everyone has found the objects, you can allow each child to get a prize from the Step2 Lift & Hide Storage Chest, turned into a “treasure chest” for this fun activity. After all, what is a scavenger hunt without having a reward for finding all the things on the list?

For more fun ways to entertain your kids, check out other great Step2 items that keep kids engaged, exploring, and learning on both rainy and sunny days.

indoor scavenger hunt for kids

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