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Happy National Cuddle Up Day! Here Are 6 Ways To Celebrate With Your Kids

Once holiday decorations have been put away, it might feel like a long time until another celebration is in sight. Fortunately, there are some smaller holidays you can celebrate with your little ones throughout the year, starting with National Cuddle Up Day on January 6th!

Physical touch is integral to a child’s brain development in many ways. It helps to increase neurological pathways and improves their emotional intelligence. Here are some fun, easy ways that you can cuddle with your child on January 6th… and every other day.

1. Spend some time reading

Find a quiet niche in the house for just you two and hang out reading books to one another. Have them pick some of their favorites and choose your own. Cuddle up with blankets and pillows, or hold them on your lap while you read.

2. Build a fort

Gather bunches of blankets and help your kids construct a tent for two. Once your fort is secure, bring some pillows inside and spend some time reading or telling silly ghost stories. Scoot in close and let the storytelling begin!

3. Be a kid again

Nothing is more fun than watching your little one racing down the slide except for sliding with them! Climb around their play structure with them, or hold them on your lap and ride down the slides. You’ll get the thrill of the ride while having your little one close and creating memories.

4. Watch a movie

Rain or shine, have a movie date. Find your favorite kids movie, hop into your bed together, and let the day fall away. Make it just about the two of you cuddling in to enjoy your favorite flick.

5. Play house together

Whether you bake side-by-side in your little ones’ play kitchen or act as neighbors in their playhouse, there are plenty of opportunities for physical touch while you engage in pretend play. Your child will love the opportunity to spend time with you while learning through modeling your behavior.

6. Color together

Set up an art center on your floor or around your kids’ activity table and spend the afternoon creating crafts and coloring together. Turn off the TV, set your smartphone to the side, and focus on crafting and engaging with your child for a few hours.

Even if you cuddle up with your child every day of the year, it’s nice to have an entire day where you only focus on spending time with them. No matter how you and your kids choose to celebrate National Cuddle Up Day on January 6th, Step2 has the toys you need to make the day extra-special. Browse our selection of kids toys today!

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