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4 Fun Outdoor Fitness Games For Kids

outdoor fitness games for kids

If you have children, you’ve probably discovered that the best way to get them to do something is to make it fun, not a chore. You’ll find that turning things like exercise into games makes it much more likely that you child will stick with these healthy habits in the future.

Summertime is an excellent time of the year to get fit outdoors while making it fun and entertaining for the whole family. Remember when you were a kid? Nothing was more fun than getting the neighborhood together for a game of kick the can or capture the flag.

While the air is still warm and nights long, bring back the nostalgia of your childhood by playing these fun outdoor fitness games for kids.

1. Kick the Can

outdoor fitness games for kids kick the can

Assign someone to be “it” and place an empty can in the middle of the yard. The person who is “it” closes their eyes, and while they count, the rest of the players run to hide. When they count to twenty, the person who is “it” opens their eyes and tries to find the other players to tag them out.

At the same time, the other players try to capture the empty can. The person who is designated “it” has the responsibility to chase other players while keeping the can safe. When “it” tags people out, they are in jail. If the person who is “it” can get everyone in jail before someone captures the can, then they win. Otherwise, the person who gets the empty can wins.

2. Capture the Flag

outdoor fitness games for kids capture the flag

Form two teams, and give both a flag that they are trying to protect. Each team’s objective is to steal the flag of the other team without getting tagged out. Once you are tagged out, then you become a prisoner of the other team. The game ends when someone is finally able to capture the other team’s flag and run it across the center line.

3. Red Rover

outdoor fitness games for kids red rover

Form two sides on opposite ends of a field. The team members join hands to form a line. One team decides which player from the other team they want to try to attempt to break their hand chain and asks them to come over by yelling “red rover, red rover, let ‘___’ come over.”

The person from the opposing team then runs to try to break the chain of hands. If they do, then they get to bring the team member of their choice back to their side. If they don’t break the chain, then they stay put and switch teams.

4. Double Dutch

outdoor fitness games for kids double dutch

Double Dutch jump rope is a very challenging fitness game. Start with one jump rope and two people holding while someone jumps. Once everyone gets the hang of it, advance to circling two ropes at once in a circle. You would be surprised at how hard it is to jump two ropes at once without getting tangled.

Old school outdoor fitness games for kids are an excellent way for them to immerse themselves in play, unplug, get some exercise, and find their competitive side. If you are looking for more fun activities to get the kids moving outside, check out Step2’s sports toys and climbers!

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