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Raising Toddler Boys

Written by Sara S.

When my second son was born, the weight of raising two boys into responsible, loving, righteous men was very overwhelming. I grew up with aunts, sisters, girl friends – what did I know about little boys, teenage boys and down the line parenting grown men? I was so sure I was meant to parent girls that I spent 40 weeks convinced my first born was a girl.

Now, my two boys are one and four so I have time to learn; but those are the thoughts that pop into a mother’s head from time to time. Sometimes I see a tall teenage boy with curly hair and light eyes and am fast forwarded 15 years, jolted into thinking of how my oldest son Ryan will look, who he is friends with, what kind of car he drives, all sorts of fast forward thinking. I have not caught myself doing this for my youngest son, Brady (a.k.a. Grizz) yet. Maybe it’s because his hair hasn’t even come in yet and I don’t have a sense of what he will look like. I’m still filled with wonder on his future adult traits.

Ryan was a surprise honeymoon baby. He was ready to be born – that’s for sure. He was ready to be the oldest sibling, ready to hit the ground running when he was born. By the time Ryan was 14 months old he was saying almost 70 words. It was hysterical watching this bald baby say three word sentences. I discovered that being his Mom was fun and a delight.

Brady, on the other hand was strategically planned to be exactly three years younger than Ryan. He was born at a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz and did not cry for the first 3 weeks after his arrival, thus creating a perfect nickname for the huge, quiet giant that he was – he was to be called Grizzly Bear or “Grizz” for short. To add even more flair that his name – he is known in our household as any of the following: King Grizz, The Grizzard, Professor Grizzinski, Grizzy, Grizzy the Lizzy and my personal favorite “Grizzington.”

I wonder if on his varsity jersey they will inscribe “Grizz.” At the very least I think that will give him an edge one the field.

My husband and I discover everyday how fun it is to be the parents of these two little angel boys that were placed in our care. They keep us laughing everyday and remind us to see the world a little brighter.

About Sara S.

Sara is an on the go – down to earth Momma, married to a Marine and the mother of two get dirty wild and crazy, play in the mud boys. She loves Michael Jackson, dancing and spending time with her family. She is honored to be able to teach her little guys about the world around them, about kindness love and the human spirit. For fun, she loves to make jewelry, shop, ski and spend time outdoors getting dirty with her boys. Sara is a Sr. Product Manager at Step2.

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