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Step2 Featured in The Manufacturing Mart Magazine The Capital of Know-How

The Manufacturing Mart, located in Downtown Cleveland, is a place where buyers and sellers find resources needed to manufacture a part and assemble a product. Lindsey E. Frick, a mechanical engineer and industrial designer who specializes in product development and the Manager of The Manufacturing Mart, visited Step2 over the summer to learn about our manufacturing process and how we could help other companies with their processes.

This Fall, the article titled “Creativity + Listening = Growth: Step2 Grows as a Single Process Specialist” was published in The Manufacturing Mart’s magazine The Capital of Know-How. The article highlights how Step2 balances evolving consumer needs, mass retailer requirements, frequent changes in global government regulations, and challenging raw material costs while prioritizing Mom and Child’s needs first.

“Whether you are a product manufacturer or a custom job shop, the process to build a successful business remains the same: quality plus customer service. As seen with STEP2, quality can be assured by perfecting a single process, while customer service is an evolving process.”

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