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The Potty Watch and the Power of Social Networking


Written by Tena

While taking a quick glance through my personal Facebook page earlier in the week, I passed over a post that caught my attention.

The post was a picture of an adorable little boy who is the son of a good friend of mine from high school. He looked about my son’s age and the post was:

“Potty chair, check. Big boy under pants, check. Potty watch, check.”

I did a double take of the post. Until that moment, I had never heard of a potty watch, and I needed to learn more about it.

I commented to the post, “What is a potty watch?” and realized (moments after posting) that I didn’t have time to wait for her answer. I needed to find out for myself. I went to Amazon and searched for “potty watch”. I read several reviews and the product description. A few minutes and $10 later, I had a potty watch on its way to our home.


Since then, I’ve been telling others about the potty watch and I don’t even own it yet. I’m just so excited by the concept that I cannot keep my mouth shut.

Because of my role here at Step2 I am always reading up on the power of social word of mouth and have seen it from the business side happen quite often. This was my first conscious experience of being influenced, socially, to purchase a product sight unseen. Now, I cannot stop my mind from wandering and pondering and I want to know more!

What products have you purchased for you, your children, or your family that you’ve made as a result of word of mouth? Have they lived up to your expectations? What would you recommend that others buy?

Here are my list of products that I would recommend to any and everyone:

  • Clairisonic Mini
  • Benefits Lip & Cheek Stain
  • Nap Nanny
  • Doc Brown’s baby bottles
  • Wen 613 Shampoo
  • Up & Down Roller Coaster
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Chicken and turkey flavored baby food in place of kitty treats
  • Anything made by Gardein’
  • Sand Puff

The jury is still out on the power of the potty watch for me. It shipped out yesterday and is due to arrive today. I clearly was so excited that I inadvertently ordered a pink version for my son, but I’m certain he won’t mind.

About Tena

Tena and her best friend (and hubby) had their first child in July, 2011. Their little guy has a congenital heart defect and he is one tough little cookie; don’t ever think about calling him sick though – “his plumbing is just different.” Tena is an animal loving vegetarian and is excited to teach her son about compassion and the importance of volunteer work. She secretly hopes her son will be left handed like his momma. She is the Online Marketing Director for Step2.

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