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The Toy Bank

Thoughtful Thursday
The Toy Bank is a program that is a part of the Toy Industry Foundation, which strives to bring happiness and learning to kids in need of play. In 2003, the Toy Bank partnered with Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S) to distribute toys around the globe to charities that help foster children, children with cancer, military families, children with special needs, and families in poverty,. The Toy Bank has helped make play time possible for over 10 million children! Since 2003, over $85 million worth of toys has been collected from the hundreds of toy companies that the Toy Bank works with.

Step2 has donated to the Toy Bank since they began 10 years ago. We recently received a recognition certificate from the Toy Bank for being a loyal partner. The Toy Bank has spread joy to children all around the world. We believe that every child deserves a chance to play and that is why it brings us joy to work with the Toy Bank. This Thoughtful Thursday, we thank the Toy Bank and the other toy companies that donate to this worthy cause, for their generosity and willingness to put a smile on the faces of children throughout the world.


The letter reads: Thank you for 10 years of outstanding support to help reach more than 10 million children in need. The Toy Industry Foundation appreciates your loyal partnership since The Toy Bank’s inception in 2003.
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