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CPR Rescue

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This Thoughtful Thursday is dedicated to two young boys that learned how to save lives from paying attention in school. Susanna Rohm is thankful to nine year old Rocky Hurt and ten year old Ethan Wilson. If it was not for them, her baby may not be alive today. A few weeks ago, Susanna realized her baby was not breathing. Rocky and Ethan were outside playing football when Susanna began to scream for help,. They heard the screams and ran over to her house to help even though they had never met this woman. When Susanna was trying to give her baby CPR, Rocky and Ethan informed her that she was not doing it correctly. They quickly stopped her and showed her how to properly perform CPR on her child. Susanna followed the boys’ instructions and seconds later the baby start breathing.

Rocky and Ethan said they learned the proper technique for CPR from reading posters in the school cafeteria. Although these boys may be young, they are brave heroes whose knowledge about CPR helped rescue a baby’s life.

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