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Giving Back

Thoughtful Thursday
Jordan and Harper are two 11-year-old girls from Southlake, Texas who believe in giving back to their community. They may not be old enough to babysit, but that didn’t stop them from becoming “mother’s helpers.” They help watch children while the moms are home so that they can get household activities done while the kids are busy playing.

To these girls, payback is worth more than a paycheck. Rather than keeping the money earned, they donated the money to the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

“It makes us feel really good inside,” said Jordan. “We’ve touched so many lives of children, and we know that we are making them happier and helping them heal.”

When their parents found out what the girls wanted to do with the money, they matched the amount the girls wanted to donate. The girls were able to present Cook Children’s Medical Center with a $500 donation.

This Thoughtful Thursday, we admire the efforts of Jordan and Harper for giving back to children in need. Thank you for being so generous at such a young age.

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