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Honoring a Hero

thoughtfulthursday honoring a hero
Eighty-seven-year-old Charles Mowbray is a World War II Navy sailor that often speaks at North Salisbury Elementary school in Salisbury, Maryland. He brings with him many stories of heroism and courage to tell to the young students of North Salisbury. However, 8-year-old Leanna Morris realized that although Charles had many stories to tell and pictures to show, he had no medals that signify what a hero he was during World War II.

Leanna decided to write to local Senator Barbara Mikulski about this injustice. “Because he fought for our country and our freedom and everyone deserves something for that,” she said. Leanna’s heartfelt proposal was accepted and embraced by the senator and her elementary school. Her school decided to surprise both Leanna and Charles by having an assembly where she would present Charles with a medal for his heroic efforts in World War II.

This Thoughtful Thursday is dedicated to both Leanna and Charles for being heroes in their own way. Leanna realized that Charles was a hero and deserved recognition; little did she realize she was being a heroine for fighting for someone who deserved praise.

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