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Thoughtful Thursday
When thirteen year old Michael Stolzenberg was eight years old, he had to have his hands and feet surgically removed in order to save his life from a skin infection which then became a bacterial infection. Michael was a star athlete before he had his limbs amputated, and five years later, as a quadruple amputee, he is still an athlete. He can sympathize with what the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing that lost limbs have gone through.

After the Boston Marathon bombing, Michael and his older brother, Harris decided to create a website that supports the people who suffered amputations after the bombing. The website is called Mikeysrun.com. The goal is to raise $1 million dollars for the victims of the bombing. In addition to creating the website to raise money, Harris will also be running in the 2014 Boston Marathon. This Thoughtful Thursday is dedicated to Michael and Harris for wanting to help the amputees of Boston stay strong. Michael is an inspiration to all those who know him. He hopes to visit those wounded in Boston soon and let them know, “They’ll be OK. They just don’t know that yet.”

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