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The Power of Words

Thoughtful Thursday Power of Words
Words can lift a person up but they can also tear a person down. In Columbia, Maryland lives seventh grader, Noah Brocklebank, he suffers from depression and has been torn down with words by classmates. Noah thought about taking his own life on his thirteenth birthday to alleviate the pain from bullying and depression. He ended up in the hospital for eight days and during that time, his mother, Karen asked friends on Facebook to send Noah letters about how much he is loved and cared about. Instead of receiving a few letters, Noah received thousands of letters from all across the world. Now whenever, Noah is having a bad day he can turn to his letters from his thousands of friends. This Thoughtful Thursday is dedicated to the kind strangers of the world that know the power of words.

If you would like to send Noah a letter, visit Letters for Noah!

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