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Written by Matt as part of the We’re Kids Too series, in honor of Brothers and Sisters Day

The moment my sister told me she was pregnant was a moment I will always remember. Not for the way she surprised me with the announcement but by the emotions that overcame me with knowing a little bundle of joy was about to steal my heart. From the moment I met my first niece to recently meeting my second (March 22nd!), I knew being called an “Uncle” would be one of the most rewarding titles I have received to date!


I do not have children of my own, but I know someday down the road I will and these munchkins are the perfect practice. While I don’t see them daily, I do get to see them weekly. I am amazed at how much they grow and change in just 7 days. I enjoy getting to watch as they complete the biggest of life’s tasks (at that time). Seeing how they learn and grow as they go from hours of sleeping, to sitting up, crawling and then walking has quickly become a memorable moment I will cherish.


I used to always think it was funny how my parents would say that you grow up in the blink of an eye. Now being on the other side of that argument, I can finally agree that truer words have never been said. I didn’t know what to expect when my nieces came into this world, but I know now I have never been more thankful that they did!

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BioPhotoMatt is a major sports fanatic. Whether it is cheering on the Cleveland Indians or the Browns, he can usually be found hitting the links at the local golf courses. He also enjoys traveling and hopes to someday visit all 50 of the United States. Matt is the Internet Marketing Specialist at Step2.

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