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Ways to Make Art Physically Active for Kids

Step2 Easel for TwoKeeping kids physically active is important. Instead of sitting around watching television or playing video games, encourage your children to use their imagination to create beautiful works of art using different types of materials. Once you have a designated space for your child’s art desk, tell them to go outside (or sift through the basement or old bins if it’s chilly outside) and gather up materials to begin an art project.

Art does not have to be a sedentary activity. Kids need to be inspired to create art and this can come from all different sources. If you have a large yard with lots of plant and animal life, these can be great materials for art projects. Your children or grandchildren can find leaves, sticks, or even bugs to make unique pictures or sculpture. Depending on the age of the children, you can allow them to paint, cut and glue all of these materials to make all kinds of creative projects.

Another way to encourage children to use their creativity is to provide art easels for kids. If you are planning a birthday party for boys or girls, consider setting up several easels and provide paint, chalk and other art supplies. You could ask the children to create portraits of themselves or each other to give to the birthday girl. Kids love to create and the more encouragement you give them, the more likely they are to seek out creative art projects on their own.

As a grandparent, you may not have a lot of space in your home to keep toys when the grand-kids come for a visit. You do not need a lot of room for art supplies and these activities will keep the kids entertained for hours. You can store a folding art easel in the closet and all of the art supplies in a plastic container. When the grandchildren show up and start complaining they are bored, instead of sending them into the den to watch television, watch their eyes light up when you bring out art easels for kids and all of the supplies they need. Not only will they have a great time creating beautiful pictures, you will have something to put up on the fridge or wall to remind you of the grand-kids once they return home.

If left to their own devices, children are more likely to sit in front of the t.v. or spend much of their time playing video games. It is important to encourage kids to stay physically active and explore the world around them. Not only will the children sleep better if they are able to use up their energy and breathe in the fresh air outside, art projects can be inspired from almost anything. Take a field trip and let your child’s imagination do the rest.

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