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We're Moms Too: My New Year's Resolution

Written by Ashley as part of the We’re Moms Too series.

I sometimes look so far ahead into the future, that I don’t relish the moment (and really digest the past). As every parent has probably said at one point or another, where does time go? I feel like I’ve blinked and my children are rapidly blossoming, developing their own personalities, saying things that make me laugh so hard it hurts, and keeping me on my toes at all times.

But at one point or another, I really will have blinked and it will all be a distant memory.

Sometimes I just stare at my daughter in her car seat and ask myself if one day, I’ll look in the back seat when she’s older and still see her as this little girl, buckled in tightly with pigtails in her hair and an innocent grin on her face.

As the new year starts, I’m challenging myself (and you!) to take a moment and breathe. This year, I resolve to (1) cherish yesterday, (2) embrace today, and (3) avoid looking too far ahead!

Part 1: Cherish Yesterday

We're Moms Too: New Year's Resolution to Cherish YesterdayBreathe in the moments of motherhoodWe're Moms Too: My New Year's Resolution Trick-or-treating in the Step2 Easy Steer Sportster

Part 2: Embrace Today

“Don’t take my picture!” I say those words more often than I should. Do I really think that my kids will judge me if you snap a photo of me without makeup, or with unbrushed hair? No way – they want to remember me as everyday mom, not profile-pic perfect.

Living by these words of wisdom, I did just that today.

Challenge yourself to get IN the picture!

Part 3: Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

I get so caught up on what’s in store for the future, that I miss what’s happening NOW. I don’t want to go through life asking myself where time went. I want to enjoy the time I have.

Time is precious. It’s a gift and we’re all only allotted so much. I’ll continue to prepare and live for the future, but I’m done living in the future.

About Ashley

WM2_AshleyAshley is a self-proclaimed fashionista, social media maven, and proud mama of two. She is the Digital Brand & Loyalty Manager at Step2 and you may have recently communicated with her if you’ve chatted with Step2 on Facebook or Twitter.

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