Role Play

Role Play child brewing pretend coffee with coffee podRole Play child brewing pretend coffee with coffee pod

Gain Real Life Skills Through Pretend Play

When children step into someone else’s shoes, they emulate behaviors and learn to think creatively!

Role playing is a fan favorite among children! Their imaginations go wild as they step into the shoes of someone else. Whether they’re playing with friends, family members, or their favorite toys, children gain tons of important social-emotional skills through role playing.


Stepping into the role of another person is a fantastic way for children to gain empathy and sympathy for others. They’re able to explore opposing viewpoints to their own and form new opinions from the perspective of someone else.


Exploring different roles is also a great way for children to learn more about themselves. They may discover they love teaching, taking care of others, or chasing down a bad guy. Children also tend to work through their own issues through role playing. If they’re nervous to go to the doctor, they may pretend their doll is sick, and they’ll reassure their doll that they have nothing to be worried about.


Through pretend play, children also create storylines, develop goals, and exercise problem-solution thinking and conflict-resolutions to work through their different scenarios. Through fun and imagination, children gain invaluable life skills.