Self-Esteem boy playing with toy workshop drillSelf-Esteem boy playing with toy workshop drill

Using Play to Lead a Successful Life

Instilling self-esteem helps kids feel better about themselves and become more content with life overall.

Accomplishing a goal, making a new friend, and succeeding at a task are all great ways to instill self-esteem in little ones. Through play, your child can gain self-esteem, confidence, and self-respect.


Play helps children gain self-esteem by collaborating with others, creating new games, or helping a friend figure out a problem. They also gain confidence when trying something new, such as climbing a toy ladder or riding down a play roller coaster.


When playing with others, kids gain a sense of self-worth, pride, and happiness. This carries through life and helps children make new friends, do well in school, and gives them the courage they need to try something new.


Self-esteem helps children to perform better in school and in their responsibilities at home, day camp, or sports activities. When children are proud of themselves, they’re more apt to take healthy risks, break out of their comfort zones, and succeed in several aspects in life. Even when they fail, they get up and try again, because they’re confident in their abilities and they understand the reward of trying.