EverTough™ by Step2

Generations of Tough

Our toys are known to outlast countless childhood memories, quickly becoming a family’s most beloved hand-me-down. Step2 toys stand up to – and really show up for – thousands of playtime hours through generations and are durable enough to hold up to years of wear and tear.


To provide the very best imaginative play experience, every toy we manufacture must meet our strict durability and quality standards. We’ve developed our EverTough™ construction technique to ensure every toy passes our quality tests and delivers on your playtime needs with flying colors, each and every time.

What is EverTough™?

EverTough™ is what we call our two-part system that delivers unmatched durability and safety:

  1. Plastic Resin
  2. Double-Walled Construction

Single-wall injection molded.

 Double-wall, EverTough™ construction.


We’ve coined the term EverTough™ as a simple way to recognize our resin and process as creating some of the most uniquely indestructible toys on the market.


Ever wonder why one-sided plastic toys don’t last? They break more easily because the single-wall injection molded structure isn’t very strong and is a little bit flexible due to the lack of reinforcement.


With EverTough™ components as the force behind our toys, they’re mostly known for being durable and long-lasting. In addition, EverTough™ has many other notable qualities, such as weather and temperature resilience, fade resistance, paint free, BPA free, and more.

Thousands of young dreamers, full of wonderment and excitement, have grown up to become today’s storytellers, athletes, actors, and artists. We’ve fueled their imaginative play with our suite of toys that simply last – thanks to the power of our EverTough™ components. And now as their kids start to grow and experience playtime magic in their own way, we’re proud to continue our legacy of safety, durability, and quality with every toy we create.