Step2 is excited to announce our partnership with Dr. Keili Mistovich, MD, MPH, to lead our new “Learn to Play. Play to Learn.” initiative. Dr. Keili’s unique perspective will provide insights on how we dream up and design toys that help children build important developmental skills. She’ll also be an expert resource for parents and caregivers, providing information on the value of learning through playtime as well as ideas on how to use Step2 products to further develop core developmental skills.

Dr. Keili—a mom, pediatrician, and fierce advocate for children—received her Doctor of Medicine degree along with a Master’s of Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Keili graduated from the Pediatric Residency Program at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and was on the clinical faculty at Pitt before she and her husband moved to Cleveland.

Prior to co-founding Greater Cleveland Pediatrics, a new practice with a unique and personalized approach to patient care for all families, Dr. Keili cared for children at the nationally renowned Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

Learn to Play

The “Learn to Play. Play to Learn.” initiative will promote a deeper understanding of how Step2 toys can nurture children’s minds through fun, imaginative play. This program will also focus on educating parents on the clinical research behind play-based learning. With Step2 products, parents can help their children:

  • Nurture fine and gross motor skills
  • Stimulate creativity and imagination
  • Foster early developmental milestones
  • Encourage problem solving and cognitive skills
  • Teach early physics concepts
  • Support social and emotional development
  • Advance speech and language progression
  • Instill confidence

"The right type of play allows children to use their creativity and imagination while developing areas of the brain. As research shows, play is how children interact with the world at a very early age and leads to cognitive and social-emotional and physical growth. But choosing the right toys to support childhood development and finding trusted information is not always easy for parents. What’s a mom or dad to do?"

–Dr. Keili Mistovich, MD, MPH

Expert Advice: Straight from Dr. Keili