Mobility Worldwide® + Step2

How We’re Helping to Move the World

Taking Time to Give Back

Our team at Step2 is proud to partner with organizations that do amazing work both here at home and internationally.


Mobility Worldwide® is an organization close to our hearts. As a partner, we help develop Mobility Cart models so that this wonderful organization can continue to deliver on their mission: Bringing the gift of mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk.

Who is Mobility Worldwide®?

An organization that offers mobility, freedom, dignity, and self-confidence to millions internationally via hand-cranked Mobility Carts.


Mobility Carts provide a means of transportation for those unable to get around on their own. Since 1994, over 90,000 Mobility Carts have been built and distributed in 106 countries. Mobility Worldwide® helps leg disabled individuals earn an income, visit friends and family, and so much more.

Help Us Make an Even Bigger Impact

Interested in helping Mobility Worldwide® and Step2 Move the World?

Here’s one way you can get involved! Check out our limited-edition merchandise and donate today. Your purchase on our Step2 Move the World website goes directly toward the cost of a Mobility Cart to be gifted to someone in need.

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