Social Development Child and DollSocial Development Child and Doll

Let's Make Friends!

Kids gain important social skills during play with others.

Making new friends, learning to share, and understanding emotions are just a few benefits children gain through play! When playing with other kids, little ones learn what it means to be a good friend and good playmate. They learn that sharing toys makes others happy, and in turn, others will share with them. By taking turns, little ones also learn an important lesson in patience and impulse control—all great skills parents and caregivers can get behind!


Playing together helps children to gain the skills needed to behave appropriately in society, make valuable contributions to the home and at school, and helps them to take responsibility for their actions.


Emotional awareness is also developed through playtime. Children begin to understand and identify their own emotions and gain the ability to recognize when others may be feeling happy, shy, nervous, tired, or angry. This emotional intelligence carries far in life!