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A Recipe for Fun: 5 Creative Projects for Art Centers

Art Center Ideas HeaderIf you’ve ever wanted the excuse to turn off your phone and unplug from technology, now’s your chance thanks to the National Day of Unplugging.

What is National Day of Unplugging?

The National Day of Unplugging is an annual event on the first Friday of March and lasts from sundown on March 1st to sundown on March 2nd. The goal is to encourage everyone to disconnect from digital devices and reconnect with family and friends in real time.

Why Should You Unplug

It’s important to take the time and put down the phone. All too often, we miss important events because we are too busy looking at our phones. By unplugging, you are able to be present and enjoy what is going on around you.

We at Step2 feel that play is a critical part of childhood and it is our goal to bring families together. Our team has made a commitment to a digital detox and unplug. And, we want to encourage you to do the same!

Why Step2 UnplugsDuring your unplugged day, try to connect with family and do things you may not normally do. Now’s the perfect time to knock some dust off your family’s creative corner and start creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here are five different creative projects for your art center.

Make Your Own Sock Buddies

We all have socks that are lying around the house without a match. Instead of throwing out these lonely socks, why not repurpose them into a fun craft? Now’s a perfect time to make your own sock buddies. Each sock buddy is unique so the possibilities are endless when you put your imagination to good use.

Set Up a Coloring Station

Print out coloring pages that highlight some of your little one’s favorite interests (butterflies, fish, rocket ships, the possibilities are endless!). Your art desk is the perfect spot to keep all the art supplies contained. If you have multiple children, you can set up a table and chair set or picnic table instead (in case the crayons make their way off the paper).

Create Your Own Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are a hands-on, no-mess, way to encourage sensory play. Children love observing and exploring the world around them. Our senses are a great way to facilitate the discovery process, especially for toddlers. The best part is sensory bottles can be customized for whoever is using the bottle. All you need are some trinkets and water bottles! Once your bottle is complete, you and your little one can play counting games or even a game of I-Spy.

Play Guess the Sketch

Get the whole family involved with this game! First, compile a list of things to draw and write them on slips of paper. (The list can be as easy or as difficult as you would like.) Once the slips of paper are ready, fold them up and throw them in a bowl. Make sure to get your easel (or any drawing surface) ready with plenty of markers and paper. Before the game begins, make sure to divide everyone into two equal teams.

Now get ready to draw. Have teams take turns sending players to pick a word from the bowl and draw for a set amount of time (a minute is usually a good amount). If the team guesses the word before the time is up, they get a point! Then, the other team goes and teams continue to alternate until all the slips are used. The team with the highest score wins!

Find the Numbers

Who says learning has to be boring? If you’re working on learning numbers with your little ones, this is the perfect game to incorporate. All you will need is your favorite magnetic easel, magnetic numbers, and a dry-erase marker. If you don’t have magnetic letters, you can always use sticky tack and paper with numbers written on them. Now, divide your board into four areas and label each section with the number you want your little one to find. The goal is for your child to sort through their pile of numbers and put the numbers in the correct box. You can also have them practice writing their numbers once they’re done!

What are you waiting for?! Start getting your game plan together now for this year’s National Day of Unplugging. Drop a comment below and tell us why you plan to unplug!

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