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FriDIY: Art Desk Stickers featuring Spoonflower

Do your kids love to color and create? If so, then you’ll love Spoonflower!

Spoonflower allows you to create your own designs (or choose from their wide variety) and bring them to life on fabric, gift wrap or wallpaper! Our collaborative Step2 + Spoonflower project combines their wallpaper with our Deluxe Art Master Desk for some fun decorations and coloring opportunities!

Art Desk Sticker Craft ft. Spoonflower

Art Desk Sticker Craft | Step2 + Spoonflower

What you’ll need:

  • Deluxe Art Master Desk
  • account (free to sign up!)
  • Photoshop

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create customized stickers for your Deluxe Art Master Desk on

1. Download the template file and open in Photoshop.


2. In the Layers panel, you will see that each sticker size has it’s own folder with a mask. Add your child’s scanned artwork by either dragging a file or copy and pasting a file into the template.


Make sure the art is in the appropriate folder so they will be masked out at the right sizes.


You can also type your child’s name within the template using the Type Tool (T) to customize the stickers further.


3. When you are done designing your stickers, “save as” a JPG at the maximum quality setting. Be sure your file is RGB.


4. Log into your Spoonflower account to create Wallpaper. Click Choose File, browse to your template JPG, and click Open. Confirm Copyright (with your little artist’s permission of course), then click to upload.

5. Once uploaded, you will be taken to the wallpaper preview page to preview your file. Make sure the file is at 150 DPI and save if necessary. You may choose to rename the design, add a description, etc.


6. When you are ready to order your stickers, choose Woven from the paper dropdown. From the “Choose a Size” dropdown, choose “Custom Roll Length.” This will allow you to create a 2ft x 2ft roll, which is the same size as the template file. The price should be $13.50 with the Everyday Designer Discount. Add the stickers to your cart and check out.


7. When your stickers arrive, you will notice extra repeated art on the top and side. This is a normal part of Spoonflower’s wallpaper prints. But, since you aren’t using this Woven as wallpaper, you can just ignore them. Cut your stickers out slightly inside the black line.


8. Peel the backing off the stickers and carefully apply them to your Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk™. Adhere it slowly and smooth out any air bubbles with your hand as you go. If you mess up, don’t worry! Spoonflower’s Woven Wallpaper is easily removable and repositionable.

Spoonflower-Stickers-Art Desk

More Ideas!

You can also add some custom canvas art to your art space or a coloring desktop with the help of Spoonflower!

Flower Sticker

Art desk sticker


To create a coloring desktop, order a color-me wallpaper in 2ft x 2ft. Remove the whiteboard from the Deluxe Art Master Desk and use it as a tracing guide for the wallpaper. Cut along the drawn lines and adhere to the whiteboard. Your little artist can color it in without it sliding around. Once he or she is done, remove the sticker (wallpaper piece) and place on the wall as wall art! Made possible by one of the best kids art desks by Step2.

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