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Behind the Lens: Introducing the Push Around Buddy


Here at Step2, the parents and kiddos that are a part of our photo shoots are an extension of our team and we value their opinions. Behind the Lens is our new blog series where we’ll interview the little ones and parents that you see on our website and product packaging! They’re providing you, our wonderful customers with parent and child insight into our newest toys.

This month we’re featuring our newest ride-on, the Push Around Buddy, one of the best ride on toys in town! A sleek and compact character buggy that will be perfect for taking your little one on a ride around the park, mall or zoo. had the opportunity to interview the mom of the adorable little girl that you’ll find on our packaging. We asked her what she thought of this riding toy to help other parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to determine if this buggy is right for their little one.


Q: What was your child’s favorite feature of the Push Around Buddy?
A: The horn and steering wheel because it kept her entertained and laughing during the photo shoot.

Q: What your favorite feature of the buggy?
A: I love how lightweight it is and that this car feels like my little girls has her own little space where she can drive and imagine as I push her.

Q: If you could name this buggy, what would you name it?
A: My little girl loves to use the word “my” before everything so I would name it “My Car.”

Q: Where would be your favorite place to use the Push Around Buddy?
A: Anywhere where I can take the family walking – this buggy would be extremely useful.

Q: In your opinion what makes the Push Around Buddy different from other buggies your child had rode in?
A: It’s durable, compact, lightweight and it provides my child with her own space. It’s the perfect size for older siblings to push, which makes for a great bonding experience.

Q: What are three words to best describe this buggy?
A: Favorite, compact, lightweight

Q: Describe the perfect day with your daughter and how could the Push Around Buddy make that day even better?
A: A nice sunny day in the park with all of my kids and my oldest daughter pushing my youngest in the Push Around Buddy. It would allow me to keep a better eye on all my kids and absorb the moment of happiness and fun we’re all having together as a family.

What do you think of this cute character ride-on? If you think this is the best kids ride-on, let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for more Behind the Lens interviews from parents and children from our product photo shoots!

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