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6 Accessories for the Ultimate Car-Themed Bedroom

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If your little one loves things that go VROOM, then a car-themed bedroom is the perfect way to bring their love for cars to life. Whether they are old classic car fans or prefer race cars, you can create a perfect space for your little car lover without breaking the bank.

If you want to make your child feel like every day is a day at the races, incorporate these six car-themed bedroom accessories into their space.

1. Step2 Corvette® or Hot Wheels™ Beds

The focal point of any car-themed bedroom is going to be the bed. What could excite your little one more than a bed that looks like a race car? Whether you have a Hot Wheels™ fan on your hands or a youngster with the need for speed, the Step2 line of car beds is the perfect starting point for their car-centric room.

2. Car Wall Decor

Take the car theme to the walls by purchasing car decals or painting racing stripes on the wall. Car-themed wallpaper is also a fun, easy option. If you want a less permanent solution, hang some car posters around the room.

3. Pit Stop Room Organizer

Set aside a space for your young car enthusiast to keep their “tools”. Paint a set of drawers or dresser with the label “pit stop tools”, and encourage them to return their toys and clothes to their toolbox when they’re done with them. Getting them excited about clean up with a themed toy box or dresser is a great way to ensure their car-themed space stays neat.

4. Car Lamp

Take an ordinary black lamp shade and make it a speedway. Paint a road on the lampshade and affix stickers of some of their favorite cars along the road. A customized lampshade is an easy way to bring the car theme to life without breaking the bank.

5. Doorway “Car Wash”

Make entering their room fun by hanging some blue door beads in the doorway. Hang a sign above the door that says “car wash,” so that they get the experience of going through a car wash every time they enter the room.

6. Tire Shelves

Take a medium-sized used tire, give it a good cleaning, and build some shelves inside. Hang it on the wall and let your child display their most prized car possessions inside. Another cheap way to bring the motorway to your child’s room, the old tires look cool and complete the ultimate car-themed bedroom.

If you have a little girl or boy who loves cars and things that go, make their room a haven for creativity and imagination by turning it into a roadway extravaganza. A few car-themed accessories will shift the room to high gear without breaking the bank. Check out Step2’s line of car-themed bedroom accessories to make their space something fantastic.

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