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4 Creative Ways for Kids to Play in their Sandbox

Summer is here and we’re ready to hit the beach! On the days that you and your family can’t make it to your local tropical getaway, backyard activities can be just as fun. When little ones play in their sandbox, they can pretend they have their toes in the sand at the beach. Playing in sandboxes is not only entertaining for kiddos, but it’s also a great way to enhance their sensory skills as they feel, dig and build with it. Here are four creative ways your kids can play in a sandbox.

4 Creative Ways Kids Can Play in their Sandbox - Play Tips and More from Step2 Blog

1. Bury Treasure! Little adventurers can search for buried treasure. Mom and dad can hide some toys or pretend jewels in the sand and youngsters can use their shovels to dig around and strike it rich!

2. Draw Secret Messages: Toddlers and preschoolers can take a stick and write or draw secret messages and images in the sand. They can also use rocks to create shapes and letters. This is a great activity to develop their fine motor skills!

3. Build a Sand Castle: There is nothing quite like building castles on the beach or in your sandbox. Let little builder’s imaginations go wild as they use buckets, leaves, and stick to create a home fit for a king and queen.

4. “Plant” in the Sand: Little green thumbs can pretend to plant in it as they gather leaves and sticks from trees. They can even create this greenery to go around the beautiful sand castle they designed!

Crabbie Sand Table

You can also use these tips and ideas for sand tables as well! While they can’t put their toes in the sand of a sand table, they can certainly bury treasure, draw secret messages, build a sand castle, and “plant” some trees.

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