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Customer Story: "Doc" Slow

This customer story comes to us from Tudor F. Davis, TMC (SS), USN Ret.

“We had “Doc” Slow in the parade 2 weeks ago when the Milwaukie, OR city had the Vietnam Wall here. We were invited to join them. We had 20+ X Sailors in the parade.”

Doc Slow

From left to right: Bryan Dennis, Tudor “Dave” Davis, Alan Brodie, Bill Musa

“I am the only WWII Sub Vet. As you can see, the young guys are easy to pick out! I am naming the Kid Alerts ‘Rock’ & ‘Doc’ and ‘Dave’ after my 2 shipmates on the USS Pickerel (SS-524) that I served with 1949 to 53.”

Thanks for sharing this story with us, “Dave!” We hope you had a great time at the parade and we love “Doc” Slow’s new hat!

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