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Easter Basket Magic with a Kid's Wheelbarrow

Easter Basket Magic with a Kid's Wheelbarrow

Spring is in the air, and Easter is just around the corner! If you’re looking for Easter basket ideas for toddlers, we have just the thing for you: the Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow™. The wide, open design is just like a regular basket; however, your little ones will use this alternative Easter basket for years to come—plus, it’s perfect for Easter egg hunts!

A Fresh Take on Easter Baskets for Kids

Switch things up this year with a fun and unique Easter basket, such as a kid’s wheelbarrow. For our Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow Easter basket, we had fun with the garden theme and picked toys that encouraged role playing, pretend play, creativity, and cognitive development:

Just fill the toy wheelbarrow with some Easter grass or crinkle paper, then arrange the toys and special treats. Your little ones will be so excited when they see their baskets on Easter morning!

Kids Outdoor Play & Gardening

Let your little one help out in the garden this year with their very own toy wheelbarrow! Fill the basin with some flower seeds, a mini watering can, and shovel, then head to the garden!

Let them get a little dirty by helping to dig holes and plant the seeds or flowers—this is also a great way to engage in sensory exploration!

Check back every few days to see if the seeds have sprouted or if any new buds have bloomed. Ask your child to identify the colors of the petals, smell the different flowers, and ask them what they notice about the changes in the plants.

When the flowers are in full bloom, have your child pick some flowers and create a bouquet for their room or a loved one.

Playing with a kid’s wheelbarrow is a great way to get your little one outdoors and engaged in physical activity!

Watch Cognitive Development Bloom

Gardening with your little one is also a great way to nurture their cognitive growth. As they help you in the garden, they’re learning about different types of plants, vegetables, and fruits—it’s also a great way to teach them about colors! However, gardening isn’t the only way to develop cognitive skills with a toy wheelbarrow!

Pretend play is another great way to foster your child’s cognitive development. Role playing with their toy wheelbarrow helps children practice creative thinking and broaden their imaginations. They can use their wheelbarrow indoors and outdoors to create pretend gardens—they may even decide to plant a toy garden, fairy garden, or lollipop garden! Wherever their imaginations go, let their play wheelbarrows take them there!

Plant the Seeds for Social Development

Taking care of a garden is a great way to instill a sense of responsibility. Your little gardener will learn what it takes to care for something, nurture it, and watch how their hard work pays off when they see the flowers grow or when they take a bite of a strawberry that they planted themselves.

The large basin in the Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow also makes for a great cleanup tool! Turn cleaning into a game by asking your little one to fill up their wheelbarrow and chauffeur the toys back to their designated homes.

Create a Toddler Easter Basket with a Toy Wheelbarrow

Plant the seeds for a magical Easter by using the Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow as an Easter basket alternative. Your child will love playing with their toy wheelbarrow, and parents will love all the developmental skills they’ll gain from doing so!

Fill the wheelbarrow basin with Easter basket stuffers that help encourage their developmental skills and get their imaginations blooming. When they’re done opening their Easter basket, take the wheelbarrow outside for the Easter egg hunt! Your little one will have so much fun pushing it around and placing the Easter eggs inside.

Looking for some more Easter basket ideas for kids? Check out for tons of great Easter toy ideas!

What Easter basket stuffers will you fill your Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow with? Do you have any pretend play games or gardening goals for you and your little one? Comment below!

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