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5 Tasty And Easy Pumpkin Recipes For Kids

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From Jack o’ lanterns to pumpkin spice coffee, when the cold weather starts to set in, it seems like everything turns into pumpkin! The good news is that pumpkins are not only great decorations, but they can also transform into tasty treats for kids that even the pickiest eaters will love.

Get your kids baking and exploring new dishes with these five delicious and easy pumpkin recipes for kids.

1. Cinnamon toasted pumpkin seeds

When you are done gutting your pumpkins for carving, save the seeds to make this tasty treat. Rinse the pumpkin seeds and let them dry. Melt a stick of butter, and have your child carefully stir in some cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and sugar. Coat the seeds in the mixture, spread them onto a baking sheet, and bake in the oven at 300 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until they are slightly crispy.

2. Pumpkin sundae puree

Peel a small pumpkin, take out the insides, and then slice it into small pieces. Boil the pumpkin in a pot for about 45 minutes or until soft. Drain the pieces and puree them until smooth. Let your little one add about one tablespoon of pumpkin spice and two cups of whipping cream to the puree. Your kids will love this tasty and simple dessert!

3. Honey and oat pumpkin puree

Prepare pumpkin puree using the same process as above. To the puree, add in prepared oatmeal. Once mixed thoroughly, sprinkle it with cinnamon, and top with a drizzle of honey. An excellent breakfast, it will start your little one’s day off just right.

4. Pumpkin hummus

If you are lucky enough to have an adventurous eater, then this is a yummy and healthy snack. Use two cups of pumpkin puree and mix in two tablespoons of tahini. Place it into a food processor and add one teaspoon olive oil and one-half teaspoon of both ground cumin and salt. Let your youngster blend it until it has a smooth consistency, and serve it with toasted pita bread. A great treat for the afternoon, it is filling enough to tide the kids over until dinner time.

5. Pumpkin pancakes

What child doesn’t love pancakes? Put a spin on their favorite breakfast by adding one-half cup of pumpkin puree with one teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice to the pancake batter. To add an extra pumpkin flare, use a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter to shape the pancakes. Once done, put a little extra goodness on top by adding whipping cream. The perfect weekend brunch awaits!

Take advantage of all the nutrition pumpkins provide by making these easy pumpkins treats for kids that will have your little ones begging for more. If your kids aren’t quite old enough to help out in the kitchen, give them their own place for culinary creation with a Step2 play kitchen!

easy pumpkin recipes for kids play kitchen

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