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FriDIY: Candy Cane Playhouse

Creative Play | Have Mom Decorate the Step2 WonderBall Fun House and turn it into a Candy Cane Playhouse

When we were children, our imaginations exploded with creativity, joy and wonder. Whether we had imaginary unicorn friends or believed sticks could transport us to a secret hiding place, imaginative play was an integral part of our childhood. Today, even in a time of advanced technology, creative play still an important part of our children’s childhood.

During this time of year, even we as adults are overcome with creativity. Whether it’s telling daily stories of a mischievous little elf, or leaving carrots out for Santa’s reindeer, the holidays bring out the kid in all of us.

This FriDIY, we transformed the WonderBall Fun House into a candy candy playhouse! With some simple crepe streamers, your little one can imagine sugar plum fairies and the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire as he or she plays in a winter wonderland!

FriDIY: Candy Cane Playhouse

Supplies for Candy Cane Playhouse DIY

1. Gather your materials

2. Tape the end of the white crepe streamer to the base of the blue ball chute and wrap up around the pillar. Repeat on other three pillars.

Crepe Paper

3. Tape the end of the red crepe streamer to the base of the blue ball chute and wrap up around the pillar, covering the exposed blue chute. Repeat on other three pillars.

FriDIY: Candy Cane Playhouse | Crafts and More on the Step2 Blog

4. Play in the candy candy playhouse!

Manufacturer’s Note: This DIY is to be completed by adults. Dispose of any streamer remnants before play. Please make sure children are the recommended age to play with the product(s) featured in this blog post. Adult supervision is required.

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