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FriDIY: Doll Bathtub


Sometimes all it takes is one mom to have a resourceful idea. Many moms work here at Step2, some with children who are in the perfect age range for Step2 toys. Ashley works in the digital marketing department by day, but by night, he’s a superhero baby doll grandma (to her 3-year-old daughter’s baby doll named Pandora, but of course).

“My husband jokes that we are really a family of 5 when you count the doll,” Ashley chuckles, a mom of a 1-year-old boy as well. “Pandora comes everywhere with us, from the grocery store to gymnastics. She even has her own car seat.”

So when her daughter said it was time for Pandora’s bath, Ashley had to get resourceful. Working at Step2, her home resembles the Step2 showroom with the amount of Step2 toys blanketing the playroom. “I looked around and saw the bins in the Fun Time Room Organizer and thought, perfect!

So today’s DIY is an extension of Ashley’s idea, to make a doll bath tub, equip with a washcloth and little shampoo and bubble bath bottles (for Pandora or any other doll out there).

FriDIY: Doll Bath Tub

DIY Doll Bathtub, Washcloth and Shampoo | Crafts and more from Step2

  1. Gather your materials
    • Fun Time Room Organizer bin (small/top bin for 10″ doll, seen here, or large/bottom bin for up to 18″ doll)
    • Doll
    • 2 Styrofoam cups
    • Foam paper (or sheet of felt)
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Marker
  2. Place the doll in the bin
  3. Cut a piece of foam paper (or felt) into a 2″ x 2″ square. This will be the doll’s washcloth.
  4. Cut a slit down one side of one of the cups. Then cut out the base of the cup.
  5. Trim the circular base so that it is approximately 1″ in diameter. Trim the remainder of the cup’s base so that it fits around the newly sized circle.
  6. Re-tape the cup to its new size, making it completely cylindrical. Cover in foam paper and write, “Shampoo” on the side.
  7. Repeat steps 4 – 6 on the other cup. Write “Bubble Bath” on the side.
  8. Set up the “bathroom” for the doll to take a bath!

We don’t recommend adding water to the “tub.” The nice thing about kids is that they have a keen sense for creativity nor imagination, so thankfully things don’t always need to be absolute to draw the full picture. Ashley’s daughter illustrated her creative thinking, as she gave Pandora a bath, splashing the air! Now it’s time for your little one to get creative with his or her doll!

DIY Doll Shampoo - FriDIY at the Step2 Blog

Manufacturer’s Note: This DIY is to be completed by adults. Dispose of any Styrofoam remnants before play. Please make sure children are the recommended age to play with the product(s) featured in this blog post. Adult supervision is required.

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