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FriDIY: Valentine's Day "I Spy" Box

Do you remember playing “I Spy” as a kid?

I spy something round…
I spy something shiny…
I spy something green…

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we spy lots and lots of red! With just a few craft store finds (and items already probably lying around your house), you can create a Valentine’s Day I Spy Box! Here’s how.

Make Your Own Valentines Day I Spy Box | Step2 Blog

1. Gather your materials:

  • Small clear bin
  • Decorative shred
  • Duct tape
  • Red or heart-themed “I Spy” items. We used:
    • “Be mine” eraser
    • Pipe cleaner
    • Candy hearts
    • Measuring cup
    • Fork
    • Matchbox car
    • Crayon
    • Button
    • Marker
    • Comb
    • Velvet rose

What Goes Inside I Spy Box

2. Line the bottom of the plastic bin with the decorative shred. We used red shred to make the game a bit more challenging.

3. As you are filling the bin with shred, sporadically add the “I Spy” items so they are spread out within the bin making it fun to find. We used Valentine’s Day themed items, but you can make an I Spy Box with other small items found in your house for year-round play.

Inside I Spy Box

4. Close the bin and seal with duct tape so that the items won’t fall out (and so that you won’t randomly find shred and small “I Spy” items on the floor in your home).

5. Play “I Spy” with your kids. Write down a list of all the items you added to the bin and then take turns trying to find them in the closed bin. Shake it around, turn it upside down, and try to spy everything on the list. This can also be played by setting a timer and seeing who can spy the most items in the shortest amount of time. The play possibilities are endless!

I Spy Box - Valentines Day

Manufacturer’s Note: This craft is intended to be assembled by adults and should be securely closed with duct tape or something similar prior to play.

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