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Halloween Ideas for Kids Roundup + FREE Coloring Page

Are you looking for fun things to do in celebration of Halloween? We’ve compiled a list of Halloween treats, crafts, costumes and tips, plus a Step2 coloring page!

Halloween Treats & Snacks

Keep kids safe at school parties and during Trick-or-Treat with these allergy-free treats made from fruit!

TMNT apples for Halloween

Looking for some creative and spooktacular treats for Halloween parties? Look no further than ghostly hot chocolate and apple monsters!

Spooky Treats
Photos by Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Halloween Crafts

Download and print a free Halloween coloring page from Step2. You could even print a few copies as a coloring activity for classrooms or parties!


Paint a pumpkin, make candy corn footprints, or yummy mummy hod dogs! There are so many cute and creative ways to celebrate the Halloween season. Check out these five easy Halloween crafts that will help your kids develop their fine motor skills and get them in the Halloween spirit leading up to the holiday.

Halloween Activities for Kids

Want to give treat-or-treaters with food allergies a safe option while trick-or-treating? Take part in the Teal Pumpkin Project and place a teal pumpkin at your front door to make everyone aware that you have the option of non-food treats available.

Teal Pumpkin

Decorate your home with some DIY! Create a piece of artwork with paint and a white canvas, adding a Halloween quote.


Halloween Costume Ideas

Little cowboys, chickens and Olympic runners – these are just some of the DIY Halloween costume ideas that we found from There are also DIY tigers, kittens, and an adorable flower pot (full of posy!). Talk about a “flower girl!”

Don’t want to DIY, here are some more Halloween costume ideas for the whole family!

creative halloween costume for toddlers

Have a Halloween craft, costume idea or tip to add? Let us know in the comments below!

We wish you and your little ones a fun and safe Halloween!

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