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Happy Veterans Day from Step2

Step2 would like to acknowledge employees’ military family members in honor of Veterans Day. Photos of loved ones who are serving or have served in a branch of the military are proudly on display in our office cafeteria today.

Step2 Military

Fallen Hero

Debbie Adrian's Father

Sherry Saltsman's Nephew

Don Wright

Step2 also honors:

  • Sara Skerl’s husband Christopher who served in the Marines and invaded Iraq in 2003 and her father Sergeant Robert Hawk who was in the US Army and served Vietnam.
  • Step2’s Jake Mohoric of the US Army Reserve
  • Rose Rigby and Judy McCoy’s niece Emily Varga of the Air Force Reserve
  • Lauren Hogue’s brother Master Sergeant Roman B. Smeiles of the Air Force
  • Neil Weinebrenner’s dad Francis of the US Army and uncle Clinton of the US Air Force
  • James L. Christie of the Army Reserves 1976 – 1991

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