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Helping Children Embrace Their Glasses


According to Eye Care Business, vision accounts for as much as 80% of the learning process for a child. It is important to known whether or not a child is having problems with their vision. If your child displays frequent eye rubbing, excessive blinking, delayed motor development, and failure to maintain eye contact, it may be time for an eye exam.

According to the American Optometric Association, infants should have their first eye exam when they are six months old. Toddlers should have an addition eye exam at age three and again before they enter the first grade.

Wearing glasses can be a big adjustment for children. To help your children get acquainted with their glasses, teach them how to embrace their glasses and new appearance. We found some tips from BabySitting.net that may help empower your children about wearing their glasses:

  • Glasses are special: Glasses give kids super powers! Let your child know that glasses will help him to see better, and seeing better is a super power.
  • Avoid teasing: There is a chance that your child might be teased for wearing glasses. However, by providing her with the confidence of liking her glasses, she might be able to disregard the negative words about her new appearance. Bullies may stop the teasing once they realize it does not faze your child.
  • Pick the perfect pair: When it comes to selecting frames, give your child some options so he feels like he is in control of the situation. If he picks out his glasses, he may like them more than they would if mom or dad picked out a pair for him.
  • Make glasses a part of the daily routine: Help your child put on her glasses every morning. This will help her to remember to wear them every day.
  • Be positive: When your child fusses about wearing his glasses, just remind him that he will not have his “super power” if he does not wear his glasses. Try to be patient with their frustration and allow him to take small breaks from his glasses during his adjustment period.
  • A lot of people wear glasses: If mom, dad, or another family member wears glasses it may make a child feel more comfortable to realize and understand she is not the only one who needs to wear them. Explain that many people wear glasses, which help each of them to see the world better.

What tips do you have when it comes to helping a child embrace their glasses?

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