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Holiday Craft: Make Pretend Cookie Cutters

FriDIY Pretend Cookie Cutters

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means family gatherings, gift giving and holiday treats! Do you have a play kitchen at home? Wouldn’t it be fun to “make cookies” with your little one in his or her play kitchen? We came up with an easy holiday craft for this week’s FriDIY!

FriDIY: Pretend Cookie Cutters

DIY "Cookie Cutters" - Instructions

  1. Gather your materials
    • Foam paper
    • Toilet paper roll (1 roll will make approximately 4 “cookie cutters”)
    • Scissors
    • Glue
  2. Cut the toilet paper roll into 4 cylindrical pieces
  3. Cut (4) 1″ x 5.5″ strips of foam
  4. Fold one strip in half (hot dog style) and run a line of glue down the fold
  5. Wrap the foam around one of the toilet paper roll pieces
  6. Let dry
  7. Repeat for as many “cookie cutters” as you’d like
  8. “Make cookies” with your little chef!

Make Pretend Cookie Cutters | Step2 Blog

Manufacturer’s Note: This DIY is to be completed by adults. Dispose of any Styrofoam remnants before play. Please make sure children are the recommended age to play with the product(s) featured in this blog post. Adult supervision is required.

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